• Synthesis of biobased photoinitiators and water soluble photoinitators, also characterized by activity in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Immobilisation of selected photoinitiators on inorganic particles (academic secondment).
  • Full characterisation of the photoinitiators, including their photophysical activity, and testing in sustainable formulations for photocured coatings and inks.
  • Obtaining of at least one photoinitiator that is more sustainable than the selected benchmark and has comparable performances.


  • Protocols for the synthesis of new sustainable photoinitiators.
  • Optimization of their photophysical activities.
  • Setting of an appropriate sustainability metrics for photoinitiators, and sustainability assessment of the newly synthesised photoinitiators.
  • Trained researcher expert on the synthesis and characterisation of photoinitiators with skills on surface immobilisation and photopolymerisation processes, acquired also during secondments.


HOSTING UNIVERSITY: YTU. Prof. N. Arsu will act as supervisor and Prof. M. Aydin as co-supervisor.

SECONDMENT 1: MUL (AT), supervisor: W. Kern, timing: month 31, length: 6 months. Purpose: characterisation of the photophysical properties of the photoinitiators, strategies of immobilisation of photoinitiators on particles.

SECONDMENT 2: SICPA (CH), supervisor: C. Schaller, timing: month 38, length: 3 months. Purpose: formulation and preparation of photocurable inks, comparison of photoinitiator performance with present commercial products