All details on ESPERANTO’s open positions are also reported on the Euraxess portal at the link:

DC# Recruiting ParticipantProject Title
1YTUSynthesis of visible light sensitive, biobased and water-borne photoinitiators
2MULSynthesis of surface immobilised photoinitiators
3UHASynthesis of photoacid/base LED sensitive photoinitiators
4UMPhotoinitiator-free photopolymerisation of biobased maleimides-vinylether monomers
5PCCLSynthesis of photoresponsive monomers towards functional coatings
6POLITOReversible photopolymerisation of biobased monomers in the presence of fillers
7YTUWater-borne nanostructured photocured coatings from renewable sources
8POLITOSustainable curing of thick samples and dark areas by photoinduced frontal polymerisation
9UHA3D printing materials based on cationic and anionic photopolymerisation processes
10POLITOCoupling electrospinning and photoinduced processes to prepare innovative fibers
11EPFLBioinspired multifunctional coatings by photoinduced processes
12EPFLLight-responsive foams from photoreversible precursors
13IMPERIALModelling of photoinduced processes towards predictable and efficient 3D printing and origami of sustainable materials